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INVERGROUP is focused on the development of projects on Energy and Environment, but we also have significant activity in the business, while offering various services Legal, Financial and Consulting, designed to optimally manage profitable investments.

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Energy and Environment Area
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We identify the best investment projects in the field of Energy and the Environment. Specifically we are working in the fields of Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Energy Cogeneration, Wind Energy and water purification; constantly analyzing business opportunities in this field.

We have extensive experience in this sector. We have spent ten years performing in this field, and we have our own specific departments of energy and engineering in different specialties, through our business investments.

Our position in this market responds to a clear and deep trust in this business, that goes beyond the occasional pure opportunism. A decade of experience supports and reinforces our commitment to permanence and long experience in this kind of business.
Projects selection
A system of permanent survey allows us to have investment projects in the field of Energy and the Environment, with clear opportunities for high returns and high level of security.
In INVERGROUP we analyze each project thoroughly before offering it to investors, in order to avoid them any mistake, surprise or loss of time.
The fieldwork and the detailed economic analysis of each step, allows us to offer all the guarantees for each investment.
We track every transaction, working in close collaboration with our clients during the negotiation and closing of the projects, drafting contracts and facilitating agreement between the parties.
Depth analysis
The Business Model
Economic Hypothesis
Technical and Contractor Warranties
Risk Assessment Process
Project Management Team
Analysis and constant monitoring of the legal framework
Optimization of financial and legal structure
Business Area
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Identifying the best business projects, both in the development stage and in more mature stages and growth plans, to offer them to investors who rely on INVERGROUP.

We are proud to think that part of our investment management was committed to focusing on projects in different stages of growth and participation in the productive economy that promotes industrial nets, creates jobs and encourages innovation, and research and development (R & D & I).
Project selection
Through our work system, ranging from their own contacts, to consulting firms, business associations and networks of private investors have access to many business projects.
We have a working protocol to study and filter every project. Through our process, and contrasting it with our experience, we determine the feasibility and cost / risk of each case.
Depth analysis
The business plan
The sector
The team
The capacity for adaptation and innovation based on sector
The future potential of the team and the project
Only when we are convinced that a project is really interesting and worth investing in, with a really good ratio risk/profit, we offer it to our network of investors.
We identify the best real estate projects both in the creation phase and at more mature stages with possibilities for growth, in order to be able to offer them to the investors who place their trust in INVERGROUP.
Services provided
The business plan
The activity sector
The project team
The capacity for adaptation and innovation depending on the sector of activity
The future potential of the team and of the project
Investment project selection

A system of constant research mean that we have Property Investment Projects available with clear opportunities for high profits to be made.
In INVERGROUP we carry out an in-depth analysis of each project before it is offered to Investors, to avoid any errors, surprises or wasted time.
The fieldwork and exhaustive economic analysis that we carry out in each case enables us to offer all possible guarantees for each investment.

We monitor each operation in full from start to finish, working in close collaboration with our clients during the phase of negotiation and closing the deal, drawing up contracts and facilitating agreement between the parties.

In the same way, we help our clients to create or maintain a balanced property portfolio, outlining a strategy according to their business or family objectives.

Being a member of INVERGROUP’S Network of Property Investors no requires no commitment. All you must do is to state a wish to join; we will analyse the investment criteria that identify each potential investor and each investor will then receive information on opportunities that suit their profile. From there, the investor can, with no commitment whatsoever, study the project in greater depth, in order either to invest in it or to reject it. The process is guided from start to finish by our company professionals.

The entire process will only result in a fee for the investor should an investment be made. If the investment is rejected at any point, there will be no cost whatsoever.
Management and Consulting Area
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Although this area of activity does not respond to our core objective of business, it is a necessary part of investment processes in which we are related. And some investors, companies or partners, require it to us in many occasions. Therefore this has become part of our portfolio of services and working methods.
Services provided
Management of Investment Holding Companies to participate in different projects
Representation on Boards of Directors / monitoring projects
Legal advice on investment transactions
Business Valuations
Financial Analysis, Strategic and Business Viability
Advising on Business and Strategic plans
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