INVERGROUP has managed a group of investors for entering in the capital of TSA (Tratamiento Solar del Agua, SL), to develop the project "H2Optima", which consists of a portable and totally autonomous water purification system.

H2Optima is a project that fits perfectly with the INVERGROUP objectives of doing profitable business, it not only allows important expectations of economic benefits, but also provides clear advantages to society, and does so in a 100% sustainable and friendly environment.

The water treatment system developed is very small and light, perfectly transportable on a specific trailer similar to transport motorcycles. The system generates the necessary energy, based on solar panels built into the same module, and is designed to not require any maintenance for a long time, and operate in all kinds of extreme conditions. A single module can debug depurate salt or contaminated water, with a capacity of 90 liters per hour, for all types of uses (irrigation, cleaning or domestic consumption)

The present market is huge, since the need of drinking water in the world is very high, and this system allows for little investment and in remote locations around the world.

The group of investors led by INVERGROUP has committed an investment that will allow to control 49% of the company, and make it possible to enter the stage of industrialization and commercialization of the project, once and prototypes are developed, and obtained all the patents.

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