2010 has been the year for the consolidation of the project to promote investment projects in cogeneration plants in which INVERGROUP has been two years working alongside Instalgroup (facilities and engineering specialized in renewable and efficient energy projects) .

Cogeneration is proving to be one of the best opportunities for investors seeking high returns with very little risk. In our projects we always aim to exceed the 15% annual IRR for projects that require a total investment of between 300,000 and 1,500,000 Euros, with the possibility of funding 80%, and for periods of time ranging from 5 to 10 years.

Cogeneration uses thermal energy needs of a particular equipment to generate electricity. With the economic model that INVERGROUP works, thermal energy is sold to the equipment, with important money saving for them, and electric power is sold directly to the electricity companies. Unlike some other types of energy about the legal certainty of energy price, in the case of Cogeneration is very high; it is efficient for both the environment and for the cost to the end user or to the government with the premium subsidized price for energy efficiency. In fact, the regulatory storm that has been for all of 2010 in Spain, has not affected at all to touch the parameters of the Cogeneration, and the last law adopted in November 2010 increased the total installed capacity target this type of energy.

In December 2010, INVERGROUP and INVERGROUP have promoted a total of 11 Cogeneration plants, which will become fully operational during the first half of 2011.



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