Objectives & values
Prosper Investments
Our experience and our values have taught us that it is possible to make highly profitable investments, while they are sustainable for the planet and provide wealth and welfare for everyone.

Therefore, in INVERGROUP, besides winning and earning money the way we show how to make it for a long time, we want to engage in investments that we manage, which are not only profitable, but provide a high degree of overall prosperity.
In INVERGROUP we do not understand nor want any money or benefits in any business or any price. We believe that our talent and ability to work should be directed to achieve much more purely economic benefits, and that, in the short term, for future generations and the planet in general.

This is the working philosophy which consists the core values that we share with all our partners and investors.
In INVERGROUP we work with the aim to give and gain confidence to and from investors that we work as partners with, and also businesses or developers related.
Provide very interesting, consolidated and sustainable opportunities which can offer a good profit.
Work with total independence, discretion and confidentiality.
Provide proven experience in a Investment Projects from various disciplines.
Feature an extensive network of contacts to identify good opportunities for business, and identify the right investor for each Project.
Establish a narrow collaboration in middle and long term basis, offering an overall service, with a personalized and continuous following system.
The recent years economic facts, have shown everybody that well-known brands globally renowned, have proved to be little or no reliable security for investors.

INVERGROUP INVERGROUP not only seeks a trademark with a good image, and although its size is far from providing a big corporate strenght, our reputation and prestige is guaranteed by our total commitment with the proposed investments.

COMMITMENT means for INVERGROUP not only good advice to the investors. We assume risk in the analyzed and proposed business.

We never suggest an opportunity in that we are not willing to invest. In fact, in most investment projects we manage, we have invested first, although we are open to study various ways of co-investment.

We do not want to be just investment managers that if the business goes well, we earn good success fees, and if wrong, merely moved the bad news to investors. In our investment projects, if all goes well, everyone wins his part; and if anything goes wrong, we are the first ones out there to be affected by the risk in that business.
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